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Pocket Lists

Pocket Lists to-do list app

Universal all-in-one to-do list app for iPhone and iPad for managing to-do lists, focusing on important to-dos, and sharing to-do lists with friends. A superb upgrade for most to-do list apps including iOS’s basic Reminders app.

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800,000+ app downloads, 4.5+ stars average user rating among all countries since the app launch, 33,000+ users in the cloud, localized in 13 languages.

To-do Lists

To-dos are grouped in lists, which is a natural way of organizing. No matter what your to-dos are: a new project, a grocery list which you will discard once it is completed, global traveling plans, or movies to watch — lists give you the freedom of always having these things at hand. All in one app.

The app offers a variety of colors and beautiful icons for customizing the look of your agenda.

To-do list app

200+ colorful icons for lists

The app offers a variety of beautiful colorful icons for just all sorts of to-do lists you might have. With the ability to assign different colors to your to-do lists, it makes working with to-do lists super easy and pleasant. Available to-do list color choices complement iPhone 5c colors perfectly.

Colorful icons for to-do lists

To-do Stream

The Stream is a dynamic to-do list which collects to-dos among all your lists, and displays them in the priority & due order. This is what makes Pocket Lists a real productivity app rather than another ordinary checklist app.

Stream is ready to use right out of the box. No settings, no complex to-do tags and contexts. Just merely focused on what you need to do right now. You can add to-dos directly to the Stream just as into a regular to-do list; which is useful when you have not yet decided, which is the right list to put a to-do into.

Sync & Share

Sync Pocket Lists apps installed on your iOS devices, have an always-up-to-date backup, and collaborate on your to-do lists with friends over the Pocket Lists Cloud.

Sync magic Pocket Lists Cloud To-do list app iPhone To-do list app iPad To-do list app iPad mini

Over 33,000+ users manage 3,000,000+ to-dos and 100,000+ to-do lists via Pocket Lists Cloud.


Pocket Lists supports all major types of to-do notifications: due, on location, and repeating.

Due reminders


The Pocket Lists to-do list app always notifies you when your next to-do is due. Due can be set for a to-do or an entire to-do list to all-day or exact time.

This is a personal assistant you can rely on.

Location-based reminders


Pocket Lists app notifies you about to-dos when you arrive to or leave from a location. Set locations by dropping pins directly on a map and defining a radius from 100 ft (50 m) to 40 mi (60 km), or by choosing addresses from your contact list.

Repeating reminders


Repeating to-dos utilize the repeat-after-completion model: whenever you complete a repeating to-do, it is automatically resumed on the next due date.

Repeating option can be applied to both a single to-do and an entire to-do list.

Natural Input

Pocket Lists understands your input and automatically sets a reminder according to what you typed. Here are few (of many!) examples of how you can add to-dos:

— meeting tomorrow morning
— car service saturday 7pm
— prepare christmas gift list on dec 20
— cinema fri night
— revise site conversions in two weeks
— soccer game every week on sunday

Natural Input feature understands all 13 languages the app is localized into. Approved by native speakers.

Pocket Lists Human Language feature

To-do lists from real photos


Yes, it really works! Take pictures of text on your iPhone or iPad, and instantly create to-do lists from the text captured. Built-in OCR mechanism (optical character recognition) automatically fetches text from photos.

 Super cool for creating checklists based on the content you find in print media; e.g. cookbook recipes, as seen in the Pocket Lists video ad.

The OCR function is standalone, no Internet connection is required. Can be used for typewritten or printed text only, and won't recognize handwritten text.

And so much more!

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Pocket Lists to-do list app on the App Store