Say Hello to Pocket Lists 2!

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The first preview release of Pocket List 2 is available on the App Store:

We are putting the new release in the preview state, because right now it is released as an iPhone-only app. The full release featuring all-new cloud sync, list sharing and the new iPad app is in the works and is coming later this year.

What’s New in Pocket Lists 2

  • The UI: new in almost every details, but instantly familiar to every Pocket Lists app user
  • (coming soon) All-new fast and reliable cloud syncing platform
  • 350+ new list icons and 50+ cover images that will help you to make every to-do list look and feel all-new and unique
  • To-do Stream filters: Scheduled, Starred, Nearby, High Priority, Repeating, Completed
  • Starred (favorite) to-dos
  • Custom repeating intervals
  • Gesture control for to-dos: swiping left and right, unpinching, holding and dragging, and more
  • Calendar view bringing all your scheduled to-dos in a monthly timetable (simply rotate your iPhone into landscape to see the calendar)
  • Support for #hashtags
  • Re-written from scratch in Swift
  • Full 64-bit compatibility
  • Improved performance and speed
  • Lots of big and small tweaks for upcoming Pocket Lists 2 upgrades

New price — $0

Pocket Lists 1 was a paid app ($4.99), and we are proud to make both the new Pocket Lists 2 and the upgrade totally free!

In order to keep the development going, we will be rolling out a bunch of premium features available as an optional in-app purchase. And don’t worry — a solid base part of the app will always be free.

Pocket Lists 1 and iOS 11

When you upgrade your device to iOS 11 (available since September 19, 2017), Pocket Lists 1 will stop working because iOS 11 won't support 32-bit apps.

Pocket Lists 2 is a 64-bit-only app, and that is why it is just in time for the iOS 11 release!

Upgrade from Pocket Lists 1

We have made Pocket Lists 1 -> 2 data migration fully automated (and free!) to make sure you can continue using Pocket Lists under iOS 11. Here is how to upgrade:

  1. Update your Pocket Lists 1 to the latest version (5.0.0) on the App Store. This upgrade will turn your Pocket Lists 1 app into a single-screen “bridge” app and pack your data ready for the migration.

  2. Get Pocket Lists 2 on the App Store and launch it. Tap “Import My Pocket Lists” (either on the Welcome screen, or in the app Settings).

  3. Done! Your data will be migrated automatically.

After your data was copied to Pocket Lists 2, feel free to delete the old Pocket Lists 1. But please be sure not to delete the old app before the migration is complete!

What’s next for Pocket Lists 2

For Pocket Lists 2, it’s just the beginning! Here are some insights on what we are working on right now and what’s coming soon:

  • Late 2017: Pocket Lists app for iPad (universal app),
  • Late 2017: All-new cloud syncing platform that will sync data between iPhone and iPad apps and enable to-do list sharing,
  • Late 2017 / Early 2018: A bunch of new free and premium features for the iPhone app (e.g. locking to-do lists with Touch ID and passcodes, to-do hierarchy, additional to-do stream filters, and some more),
  • Late 2017 / Early 2018: web app to access your to-dos and lists using a browser,
  • 2018: Pocket Lists iMessage app,
  • 2018: Pocket Lists macOS app,
  • Later in 2018: A bunch of new secret teamwork features that we prefer not to disclose for now :)

1312 Inc.

We are now a 1312 Inc. Officially.

1312 team is based in Russia. The team consist of few remote-working developers and designers. The 1312 HQ is located in Sochi, Russia on Rosa Khutor ski resort — in the very heart of 2014 Winter Olympics.

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Contact us

If you have any questions about the new app, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message:

We always welcome your feedback and will be glad to hear how to make Pocket Lists fit your daily workflow even better. Stay in touch!

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Pocket Lists 2 on the App Store: