This version is no longer supported.

Please upgrade to Pocket Lists for iOS 7.
The upgrade is free.

Is Pocket Lists iOS 7 compatible?

Yes, the app works properly in iOS 7. No crashing issues are observed.

Right now we are working on the new Pocket Lists update which will make Pocket Lists more “iOS-7-like”. The update is coming this fall.

pocket lists cloud How do I share a to-do list?

To collaborate on your to-do lists, you need to have Pocket Lists Cloud sync enabled in your Pocket Lists app. Once enabled, tap an icon with two silhouettes when inside a to-do list — this will bring the sharing screen.

You can share to-do lists with anybody — just enter any email or any mobile phone number. It is not even necessary for your collaboratos to have accounts on the Pocket Lists Cloud!

In case there is Pocket Lists iOS app user with the email/phone you entered, a push notification will be sent directly to user's iOS device. In case not, a secure web link will be sent via email or SMS, and the recipient will be able to collaborate with you on a to-do list using a web broswer.

Sync with the Pocket Lists Cloud must be enabled in your app for you to be able to share to-do lists. The iPhone version of the app also supports sharing via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which works similar to sharing via the Pocket Lists Cloud, and is fun to use when there is no Internet connection available.

pocket lists cloud How does Pocket Lists Cloud sync works?

It works similar to iCloud sync, but hosted on our servers, not Apple's. (For Pocket Lists we established our own cloud syncing services, because iCloud API was not enough for Pocket Lists syncing and collaboration capabilities.)

Pocket Lists Cloud is for syncing Pocket Lists apps installed on different iOS devices, e.g. your iPhone and iPad, and for collaborating on your to-do lists with your friends and colleagues.

To sync two (or more) Pocket Lists apps, merely enable sync with the Pocket Lists Cloud on both (or more) your devices with the same Pocket Lists Cloud account. Apps's data will be synced automatically.

You cannot use your iCloud login credentials to login to Pocket Lists Cloud. When signing up as a new Pocket Lists Cloud user, just enter any desired combination of email and password, and you are good to go.

Can I manually sort to-dos and to-do lists?

Yes, you can. There is a button for that.

iPhone app. To sort to-dos inside a particular to-do list in your iPhone app, tap sort icon in the bottom right corner.

To sort lists, tap “Edit” button in the top left corner on the app's main “Lists” screen.

iPad app. Tap sort button in the top left corner inside a to-do list to active sorting mode for both to-dos and lists (supported in landscape mode only).

Automated to-do sorting?

The app does not support automatic sorting, but offers a nice way to quickly update a to-do list by shaking your iPhone — shaking drops all completed to-dos to the bottom of the list, and moves all priority and due to-dos to the top. This is a very quick way to refresh your lists and stay on top of the things.

In the iPad app shaking feature is not supported (who wants to shake an iPad?), and to-dos can be sorted on demand with a quick tap on Actions > Sort button. iPhone version has such button too, btw.

How do I change to-do list icon and color?

To-do list settings are customized the same way as regular to-do item settings. Go inside your to-do list, and then tap anywhere on your to-do list name (that big to-do on the top of your list). It works similar in both iPhone and iPad apps.

What is Stream?

To-do Stream is a to-do hub which collects high priority and due to-dos among all your lists, and presents them as a list. The Stream allowing you to stay on top of things you need to do right now. Completed to-dos are not shown in the Stream.

You can add to-dos directly into the Stream, which is great when you are not decided which is the right list to put a to-do into. If you want to-dos added directly into the Stream to appear in any of your to-do lists, please use Setting > Stream > Stream Inbox List app setting.

What to do if the Pocket Lists app crashes?

At first, try restarting your device. Crashing could be caused by the insufficient memory issue, and may be fixed by restarting the device.

If that does not help, and the app continues to crash, please send us your app's Debug Log. It is a special technical log which records all technical side of what is performed in the app. To get your app's Debug Log file:

  1. Connect your device to iTunes (to your computer).
  2. In iTunes select your device, click "Apps" tab > File Sharing > Pocket Lists > save the latest file to your computer and email it to us. Describe what kind of problem do you experience: iOS version, what kind of device, when the app started to crash, did you have any syncs enabled, etc.

Having your log file, we can review it and see what was happening with your app, and to provide the solution.

pocket lists cloud calendar reminders My to-dos are being duplicated!

Duplicating may occur in some rare cases of multiple syncs collisions. The most common example is following: A) Pocket Lists is installed on two devices and synced with Pocket Lists Cloud and Calendar (or Reminders) on each device, and B) at the same time both devices are synced via iCloud.

Since Pocket Lists Cloud and iCloud are completely independent syncs, they do not know about each other. This means that when you add a new to-do in the Pocket Lists app on one device, a new to-do is pushed into Pocket Lists Cloud and to the Calendar (Reminders) app. Then, when you sync data on a your second device, to-do is being duplicated because it is downloaded from both Pocket Lists Cloud and Calendar (Reminders) via iCloud.

Even that the app can handle multiple syncs simultaneously, i.e. Calendar and Google Tasks, the current version of the app is not sophisticated to handle certain conflicting syncs situations with Pocket Lists Cloud sync enabled. Thus, if you experienced problems with duplicating, an advisable solution for the current version would be to keep only one active sync in your Pocket Lists app. In such case, syncs won't conflict, and there will be no duplicates and other problems then. To start working with one sync you should just decide which sync to keep and to disable other syncs, so they will not be updated and merged with other syncs any more.

How do I force update the sync?

You can update sync on demand any time by pulling down the entire list of to-do lists and then releasing it. This will initiate all enabled syncs to update. This works on the main "Lists" screen (both iPad and iPhone apps) and when you are inside a to-do list (iPhone app only).

calendar reminders google tasks toodledo What is #pl?

We use #pl hashtag-suffix to mark content created by the Pocket Lists app. We do this for one reason — to handle possible to-do duplicates which may occur when there are multiple syncs are enabled in the app at the same time. Hashtag #pl helps us to handle most dupe cases.

calendar reminders Sync with the Calendar (or Reminders) app does not work. Why? #

With the iOS 6, Apple introduced new security features that allow you to manage how third party apps access to your Calendar, Reminders and other apps' data. Please make sure that access to the Calendar (Reminders) app is allowed for the Pocket Lists app in your core iOS Settings app > Privacy > Calendar (Reminders) section.

reminders I set an all-day due date for a to-do, but it is being automatically converted to 10am (10:00). Why?

Due date can be converted to a due time automatically only when there is an active sync with the Reminders app. Unfortunately, Reminders app does not allow adding to-dos with due dates — only exact due time to-dos are allowed (you may try it yourself in the stock Apple's Reminders app).

When Pocket Lists is trying to send Reminders a to-do with due date, Reminders automatically converts it into this date's 00:00 time. That's confusing, so instead of 0:00 we made it such that 10:00 is sent automatically to the Reminders app instead of an all-day. That 10:00 time is configurable in the Pocket Lists's “Settings > Due Notifications” screen.

calendar reminders Does syncing with the Reminders (Calendar) app work for repeating to-dos (events)? #

Yes, repeating to-dos are synced, but here we need to clarify one thing.

Repeating to-do models utilized in the stock Reminders and Calendar apps, and in the Pocket Lists app are different: Reminders and Calendar apps automatically create multiple instances for every repeating to-do (event), and in the Pocket Lists app you only have one (latest) repeating to-do instance, which is reset for a new date everytime you complete it (repeat after completion model).

Thus, if a to-do (event) is set as recurring on the Reminders (Calendar) side, and is then completed in the Pocket Lists, it will be automatically resumed in both apps the next day. And if repeating flag is set on the Pocket Lists side, then this to-do (event) will appear on the Reminders (Calendar) side as a one-time occurring to-do (event), which due date and time will be updated everytime you complete this to-do in the Pocket Lists app.

google tasks toodledo New to-do lists are not uploaded from the Pocket Lists app to Google Tasks / Toodledo.

When you create a to-do lists in the Pocket Lists app, it is stored in the app as a local list, not synced with the Google Tasks / Toodledo, because the app can have multiple sync simultaneously (at the same time). This allows you to have lists synced with different services, e.g. Google Tasks and Toodledo.

To sync a to-do list with the Google Tasks / Toodledo, go inside it's settings (tap on a big to-do list name) > Sync, and tap on your Google Tasks / Toodledo account. Once you do this, your list will be marked with a tiny blue triangle in the top left/right corner, which means it is now synced with the Google Tasks / Toodledo.

Syncing on my device goes absolutely wrong (deletes my data, unchecks to-dos, etc.)! Wtf?

Normally, all syncs in the app work seamlessly without any kind of data loss. The most common reason of syncing failure is syncing conflict, e.g. when there are multiple syncs enabled at the same time, and data changes delivered by these syncs failed to merge. Though, such situations happen very very rarely.

If for any reason you have a problem syncing your Pocket Lists app with an external service, please email us your sync logs. In the app go to Settings → View Sync Log → Send To Developers (logs are emailed directly from the app as an attachment). In the email, please describe what kind of syncing problem you experienced and try to describe your setup in as much details as possible, i.e. which syncs were enabled, what happened. We will explore your logs and will do our best to assist you.

In such situations, we can only help if we have your log file and description of what happened, because (as said above) syncing failures may occur only in case of conflicts and unexpected situations.

Notifications stopped working / No counter on app icon

If to-do notifications stopped working on your device, or if the number on the app icon is not displayed anymore, here is what to do:

At first, check if notifications (and badge count display) are turned on in the Pocket Lists app settings:
Pocket Lists app > Settings > Due Notifications (Badge Count).
If it's on, then notifications (badge count) are blocked by iOS. To fix this, make sure Pocket Lists app is allowed to use notifications (badge count) in core iOS settings app: Settings app > Notifications > Pocket Lists

Which phrases does the Human Language input understand?

Almost all phrases you would ever want to use!

... tomorrow
... tomorrow morning
... tomorrow afternoon
... tomorrow evening
... tomorrow night
... tomorrow 7pm
... tmrw
... 7pm
... today 7pm
... 7:30pm
... 19:00
... at 19
... monday
... monday morning
... monday 8am
... on sunday
... next friday
... fri 7pm
... fri night
... march 31
... march 31 2pm
... on sunday every week
... every year
... in a day
... in 3 days
... in a week
... in a month

What about other languages?

Human Language input is available in all 12 languages that the app is localized into: English, Deutsch, 日本語, Italiano, Nederlands, Español, Français, Русский, Português, Dansk, 简体中文, 繁體中文.

How does the OCR (image to a to-do list) work?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. The built-in OCR mechanism reads text from an image (photo) and creates a checklist splitting fetched text by lines. When inside a list, tap on a camera icon for OCR. Available only inside a list, and not in the Stream.

Works offline and for typewritten text only (not for handwritten text!). iPhone 4, 4S or 5 are recommended for OCR because of the camera quality. Powered by the Tesseract OCR engine.

Hey, if you are from ABBYY (a powerful OCR engine provider), and would like to offer us your OCR engine for a reasonable non-sales-commission-based price, please contact us.

Known bugs for version 3.1.0

  • To-do list sort order is not being synced via Pocket Lists Cloud, Google Tasks, Toodledo and Reminders.
  • Sorting mode is being occasionally dropped when Pocket Lists Cloud sync is enabled.
  • When synced with the stock iOS Reminders app, due time of some to-dos may be dropped.

We will be working on fixing these bugs in the future app updates. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.

How do I contact developers?

All messages are processed by Vladimir V. Tuporshin, the app founder. I can only read and reply to you in English and Russian.

Twitter: @PocketLists

I have a feature suggestion. Where do I send it?

Post your ideas and vote for other users' ideas here: